District Day with Bishop Devadhar

District Day with Bishop Devadhar
Saturday, October 12th
2:00 – 5:00pm

Bishop Devadhar will be visiting the RISEM District and Wesley is proud to host this event. Plan now to come and be part of the worship and discussion with the Bishop and with other United Methodists in our area.

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Church Conference

ANNUAL CHURCH MEETING ~ October 22nd at 6:00pm

An important tradition in the United Methodist Church is the annual church meeting or “church conference.” This meeting is a time to share with the District Superintendent our hopes and dreams, what we have been doing, and where we are headed. It is also the time when some important parts of our organization act upon items that can only be acted upon by a “church conference.” These include approving the pastor’s salary for the next year, recommending and affirming Lay Servants, recommending and approving candidates for
Ministry, and receiving any bequests. This year, our church conference will be on Tuesday night, October 22nd, from 6:00 – 7:30pm. All members of the church have both voice and vote at this important meeting. Please plan on being part of this annual meeting.

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The Kempters in Concert

Wednesday, October 16th
at 6:30pm

The Kempters, an Americana worship band, will be joining us again this year for a concert of soul-filling music. Come listen to siblings Nathan, Danielle, Joanna, Chris & Charli. The concert is free. A free-will offering will be received.

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Prayer & Possibilities

“We Need You!” at our Future Possibility Study
Sunday, October 6th 12:00 – 3:00pm

On Sunday, October 6th, we will gather with Rick McKinley, the Director of Congregational Development for the New England Conference, to look at where we are as a church and where God might be calling us to be in the future. A team has been working on gathering information from community leaders about the needs of our community. We have been gathering data that will be helpful in identifying some of our history and our current situation. Come and hear some of this important information.
Come and share some of your stories. We’ll have lunch together right after church and begin meeting at noon. We will finish by 3 pm. This is an important afternoon for us as a church. We hope you can be here. If you have not already signed up for this, please contact the church office and let us know you are coming. If you suddenly discover that you are able to attend, but didn’t respond – come anyway!

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October Worship – A Wonder-full Life

What does a Wonderful life look like for you? Are you looking for serenity, harmony, truth, compassion, gratitude, love and joy? Spiritual practices help feed this part of ourselves, but do you use these same words to describe the role of money in your life? Most of us don’t.

In the classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a crisis of money creates vastly diverse reactions from several characters. These reactions can help us see some of our own relationships with money. Along with scripture, we will use these to help us compassionately look at how we feel about money in our own lives and in the church. Maybe we’ll discover a whole new “outlook” on what constitutes a wonderful life.

October 6th – Looking Back
Our relationship with money as individuals and as a church has a long history. We look back with a practice of compassion for ourselves and a faith that reminds us of our true worth.

October 13th – Looking In
We live an “Incarnational” faith – the belief that, like Jesus, our faith is not just an idea but it gets lived out in our actions in the world. Approach life with attentiveness and intentionality to making it a “wonder-full” life.

October 20th – Looking Out
Do we reap love and generosity or bitterness and resentment? Are we creating the impact
for which we hope, or at least moving in that direction?

October 27th – Looking with Gratitude
A joyful celebration of community, generosity, and thankfulness is infectious.

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Blessing of the Animals

This year we will have our annual Blessing of the Animals service at the beautiful Butterfly Farm at 681 Great Road in Lincoln. This short service is set for Sunday, September 22 at 1 pm. Our pets are important members of our families and a cherished part of God’s creation. Bring your pets of all species and sizes! There will be chairs set up in the barn and refreshments will be served after the service.

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September 8 – Return to 10 am Worship

With the summer coming to a close, Wesley returns to 10 am Sunday Worship on September 8. That Sunday we will also have registration for Sunday School for any children or youth who wish to participate.

Sunday, September 15 will mark the beginning of Sunday School classes which take place during the 10 am Worship hour. Children and youth begin worship with their families and then depart for Sunday School following the children’s story. On this first Sunday back to Sunday School we will host a Welcome Luncheon immediately following the service for all who wish to stay. There will be plenty of food (we’re Methodists after all!) and gluten, dairy and nut free items to ensure all can enjoy the meal.

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