Wesley “Rhode Runners” Participate in the 11th Annual Rhody 5K Race and Plan For New Ministries

On Sunday June 6th, 21 members and friends of Wesley United Methodist Church participated in the 11th Annual Rhody 5K Road Race to Benefit The Lincoln Days Committee and The Tomorrow Fund who received checks for $14,000 and $48,000.

Seventeen folks aged 13 to sixty-something trained to either run or briskly walk and 4 others designed and donated Tee Shirts for the participants, helped with publicity and volunteered the day of the race at Twin River. Some folks completed their first race ever,some completed their first 5K without having to walk at all, some intended to walk but started running and never stopped, some had their personal best 5K race time, but all knew that they had done something good for their health and for the Town of Lincoln!

Rev. Parks hopes that this race will be just the beginning of incorporating good health and exercise along with reaching out to the town into the ministry and life of the church. There seems to be more evidence daily that total good health involves the body, mind, and the soul or the spirit. Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget we need a balance of physical exercise, mental exercise and spiritual exercise to be truly healthy and balanced. Thus, the church will continue to add ways to grow spiritually through worship, Bible Study, Prayer Groups, Book Studies, etc., they will continue their running/walking group, participate in events that help others, and start a bicycling group for individuals and families sometime this summer.

Another idea that came to Rev. Parks and race participant Theresa Bellinger is to share excess vegetables and fruits from our gardens and offer a Farmers Market for those struggling to put fresh vegetables and fruits on their tables for their families in these tough economic times.This idea is in it’s infancy stage so if you have any interest in helping or offering expertise or ideas we’d love to hear from you! If you have young adult books and or snacks for the Literacy Center in Manville, produce from your garden, non-perishable food or clothing for those in need, please call the church at 724-7954. Also, please call or visit if you are looking for a welcoming church for you and or your family to help you get healthy in body mind and spirit. Finally, please call if you have any other ideas about other ways folks can come together to make a positive difference and help each other. We look forward to hearing from you!

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