Wesley Visioning Meeting

All those who have agreed to serve as committee chairs for the next year, working on achieving the goals we set for ourselves as a church during the visioning process, will be meeting at the church on Monday, August 2 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss next steps and moving forward on our plans.  All in the congregation are welcome to attend the meeting.  If you signed up for a committee at one of the information sessions in June, you’ll be hearing soon from your committee chair about setting a work plan and assigning tasks.  If you didn’t yet sign up, there is always room for more people to help with work we need to do to ensure Wesley’s bright future.  Drop by on Monday night or let Jean or I know where you’d like to serve.


Deborah Obalil
Principal, Obalil & Associates
P: 401.261.3185

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