30 Hour Famine

Thank You One and All
The 30 Hour Famine was a great success!
We had 14 participants that fasted for 30 hours during a lock-in at the Church to help raise awareness and understanding about hunger around the world! The theme for this year was to learn about the devastation that occurred in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. They took on identities of actual children and played in challenges that helped them understand the hardships faced by those children throughout the weekend. They also gained a better understanding of how faith can help lead people through hard times and that even in the worst of devastating situations, there can be hope and happiness.
A huge part of their weekend was community service. The kids worked hard at cleaning outdoor equipment, weeding and painting the fence on the church playground so that it is now safe for little ones. With a few more cleaning tasks thrown in, the time together flew by. We then gathered with family on Saturday evening for a communion service lead by Pastor Jean to break the fast, followed by dinner for all to enjoy. We would like to thank Nancy Andrews who joined us in fasting and supporting the kids for the entire weekend and our college students, Ashley, Victoria, and Alyssa for assisting us. We would also like to say thank you to Steve Pandolfi for preparing the meal on Saturday evening and Nancy Harten for introducing us to donut cake for dessert!
And most of all we would like to thank all of you for your donations and more importantly your prayers. We were able to raise $671.78 to help feed hungry children around the world through the work of World Vision.
We are truly blessed to have such amazing children in our congregation!
Chris and Dan Genannt

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