Small group Bible study

Dear Wesley Church Family and Friends,

I have been praying a lot about Wesley Church and God has been telling me that Wesley Church is going to grow by developing their prayer life and growing together in small groups. This Sunday (and for a few weeks following) there will be sign up sheets for the following Small Group Offerings:

  • Bible Study: Weekly Wisdom: This small group can help you become familiar with the most beloved scriptures. These are some of the topics we will explore: worry, marriage, guilt, hope, faith, fear, anger, forgiveness, loneliness, sickness, success, and prayer just to name a few.
  • Bible Study: The Book of Psalms:  If you want to build closer relationships through prayer and scripture this class can help you. The Psalms are beautiful.
  • Bible Study: The Gospel of Mark:  Did you know that in this Gospel Jesus and his disciples are either praying or healing someone? Would you like to explore how Jesus and his disciples prayed? Need healing? This may be your class.
  • Prayer 101:  Learning to pray was not offered in seminary. How do we learn to do it? There is no one correct formula but in this class we’ll explore some options that have helped many. Come grow your relationship with God.
  • Prayer:  You’ve had the blessing of a long and fruitful prayer life. Come share your techniques—learn from each other and continue to grow in your relationship with God and one another! Want to grow together in Christian love? This class is for you then.

All of the above classes are for everyone-whether you consider yourself a Bible scholar or Bible newbie. The sign-up sheet is in the narthex. Please begin to think and pray about which group you would like to join at this time.

All Good Things,

Pastor Jean

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