What Stewardship Means to Me – Part 1

Throughout the next month, individual members of Wesley will be sharing their thoughts on stewardship during Sunday morning worship.  We’ll be posting their thoughts on the web site for all to share.

October 21, 2012
James Bone


Definition:  anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

Growing up in Chattanooga, Tennessee I attended a church where my grandparents, parents, friends, and relatives also worshipped.  I didn’t know it then but the welcoming feeling that I had each Sunday had a great deal to do with those who came before me.  I knew the rituals and rules to follow, I knew what to expect and I looked forward to getting baptized so that I could inherit my legacy of fellowship in my church.

Looking back I realize that it was a very humble church in humble surroundings, but 50 years later the church has survived changes all around it and inside the church.  I recently went home and felt nourished by the people there who remembered me, the comfort of the familiar surroundings and the thought that I left a legacy in the church that remains today.  I gave my tithe like so many others, I volunteered for events, and I developed relationships that have lasted a lifetime.

What I admire most about church is that in the midst of so much change, turmoil, celebrations, and passing of time, the church is a place where you can return for peace and stability time and time again.  This is not possible, however, without some sacrifice.  A legacy has value and value must be earned.

What I have learned about legacies I learned in church through the bible.  It can take many forms, but in all of its many variations a legacy is a commitment to ensure that you provide something to GIVE to the next generation.  So the giving is more than treasure, chicken dinners, Christmas plays, or time.  It is how the next little James or Debbie Bone is inspired by his or her church to continue the traditions that will nourish him or her for years to come.  Like the members of my childhood church I look forward to the legacy this church builds for the next generation that comes after us.

Thank you!

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