Clear Words for Hard Choices

Our Faith Speaks to the Controversies

Our life as Christians challenges us to embrace relevant ministry in the world – to let the Word of our affirmations take on the Flesh of real choices and real sacrifices, offering real love and working for real justice in a creation that God loves.

As we move from the celebration of Christmas – God’s Word becoming Flesh and dwelling with us in the birth of Jesus – it’s a particularly appropriate time to raise matters that matter to us and to people around us.  What is the Good News from Jesus to us and the world as we live from day to day?

Join us on the following Sundays and be part of new reflections in a new year!

January 13
The Plague of Gun Culture

Ephesians 6:10-20
Matthew 5:17-26, 38-48

January 20
The Chronic Malady: Race Matters

Galatians 3:23-29
Revelation 7:9-12
Mark 7:24-30

January 27
Burden and Opportunity: The Challenge of Wealth and Abundance

Amos 6:1-8
Ezekial 28:11-19
Luke 18:18-30

February 3
Who’s In/Who’s Out: Grace and Exclusion Fight it Out in the Pew

Luke 5:12-16
Luke 6:37-42

February 10
Creation and Evolution: Can Religion and Science Both Be Right?

Genesis 1 selections
John 1

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