30 Hour Famine – March 22 & 23



Wesley’s youth group is doing World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. We don’t think it’s right that thousands of kids are dying from hunger every day. So we’re doing something about it.

We’re going without food for 30 hours to raise money so others can eat. Here’s how you can help:

1. Pray. Ask God to bless our students as they overcome hunger.

2. Volunteer. Come join us during our Famine Weekend.

3. Give. Just $30 can help feed and care for a child for a month.

Donate on our group webpage or give us a check made out to World Vision. Every donation is tax-deductible!

Our Famine dates: March 22nd & 23rd

Contact: Call or email Chris or Dan Genannt

Wesley Youth Group participating in the 30-Hour Famine

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  1. Akb1042 says:

    HI I would love to join in Joanne Boyer

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