Blood Drive September 24

Please join us Tuesday, September 24th at Wesley United Methodist Church at 55 Woodland St. in Lincoln for their next blood drive. The blood drive will run from 4pm – 7pm on the Bloodmobile.

RIBC logoEvents like the Boston Marathon and the September 11th attacks rightly capture the attention of our community, the irony is the blood needed for these events pales in comparison to the regular need each and every day. Thankfully, modern medicine can help us cure various diseases like leukemia and treat those suffering from heart disease, but these and other treatments require an ongoing, steady supply of blood.

It is because of the ongoing daily blood needs that you will often hear us ask people NOT to wait for a tragedy to donate blood, but to come out and donate blood on a regular basis instead. In the long run, this will ensure blood is always available the instant it is needed.

Please give the Gift of Life!

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