Follow Me: Dropping Our Presuppositions and Becoming Disciples

Join us for worship during this Epiphany season as we explore how to become disciples of Christ today.  Sundays at 10 a.m.

January 5 – Communion
“Follow Me: Dropping our Presuppositions and Becoming Disciples”
What does Jesus ask of us and how do we respond?
Mk. 8:34- 38

January 12 – Guest speaker Debbie Michalenka of CABINS – Community Against Bullying in Schools
Caring for our children, protecting God’s grace.

January 19 – Guest speaker Lorraine Macpherson of UM Army – United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth
We have sent a mission team to Maine.  How can we host work in Rhode Island?

January 26 – Guest Speaker Dr. Anne Degroot, director, Clinica Esperanza/Hope Clinic, Providence
Healing and hope

February 2 – Communion
“Community – Loving as Jesus Loved Us.”
John 13: 1-11, 34-35

February 9 – Guest speaker Peggy Rubel, Habitat of West Bay and Northern RI
Building houses, building hope.

February 16 – “When the Cross Becomes a Weapon: Overcoming Religious Bigotry”
Mark 9: 33-41

February 23 – Guest speaker Angelo Garcia, Segue Institute for Learning
Whole child, whole society.

March 2 – Communion
“The Gospel of Joy and the Reality of Poverty”
Mark 6: 30-44
Pope Francis has spoken to the world in Evangelii Gaudium (The Gospel of Joy).
Should we listen?

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