April Friends Day – National Stop Bullying Day

kindnessWesley UMC is proud to help promote April 1st as April Friends Day National Stop Bullying Day along side our mission partner C.A.B.I.N.S. (Community Against Bullying in Schools).  First launched in 2010, we aim to spread the message of love and friendship far and wide.

Too many of our youth spend their days in fear of bullies, of having degrading, mean-spirited lies, rumors and jokes made about them on the internet.  Too many have suffered great pain or taken their own lives.  So, on April 1st, instead of April Fools be April Friends.  Help stop senseless bullying, cyber-bullying, violence, intimidation and abuse.  Be part of the solution, NOT the problem.

Join the Bryant University Women’s Lacrosse Team and they get their green on and band together to stamp out bullying.  April 1st at 4 p.m. at Bryant University.  Adults $5, Students/Seniors $3, 12 years & younger FREE.  Learn more about C.A.B.I.N.S. and help change the world by changing the lives of young people.

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