Worship After Easter

Before there was any written Gospel, saying and stories of Jesus circulated among believers. Any given little community of followers of Jesus may have had their one story, “. . .the time that Jesus did. . .or said. . . .” Eventually, the sayings got collected, the stories were compiled, strung together like pearls on a thread, until four Gospels appeared.

For May and the first Sunday of June, imagine that Wesley was one of those original churches, with its one preserved story, the story of Jesus’ encounter with the man born blind, and all that occurred because of that encounter.

What do we know about Jesus from our story? What do we learn about ourselves, each other and life from this one memory of the Lord? What is the good news that is ours to proclaim because this story has not been lost?

May 4 – John 9: 1-12
The opening encounter of Jesus with this one born blind and what it shows us about discipleship. – “Seeing Because We Are Sent”

May 11 – John 9: 13-27
The confrontation between the healed man and Jesus’ religious opponents teaches about “Faithful Discipleship, Faithful Practice”

May 18 – John 9: 18-23
The wonderful and surprising role of the parents of the man born blind and “The Power of Affirmation.”

May 25 – John 9: 24-34
The confrontation renewed between the healed man and Jesus’ opponents, and the risks to faith we encounter in “The Failure of Safety.”

June 1 – John 9: 35-41
Jesus’ re-emergence into the story, the original call the man (and we) received into discipleship, and the hope, “Surely, We Are Not Blind. . . .”

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