Ash Wednesday Service

ashwednesdayWednesday, February 18 at 7 pm

The season of Lent follows Epiphany in the Christian year and the focus switches from declaring Jesus as the Light of the World to recognizing the power that evil and sin have to devour and destroy that Light.

Five Lenten weeks provide a preparation for the events we remember as happening on the sixth – Holy Week, which tells of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem to issue a challenge to power and his boisterous reception by the crowds; his gathering on Holy Thursday to eat the Passover and to offer his friends a symbol of his everlasting presence; his death on Good Friday and the mystery of love’s victory revealed on Easter.

It begins on Ash Wednesday and the reminder that comes of our mortality, our feeble nature, our capacity for sin and our need of a Savior. Mark the date and gather with us to enter into this special season.

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