Gift cards available in office weekdays

unnamedGift card purchases contribute to our ministry in many effective ways, and we’re grateful for your support!

Here are three ways you can purchase gift cards:


  1. During the week, you can get gift cards during office hours: Tuesday through Friday, 9am-1pm. Call (401-724-7954) or email Kristen to insure the inventory has what you want!
  2. At other weekday times, call the church. Bill is in the office Monday mornings (and other times) to help.
  3. On Sundays, look for Joe in the church entry.

You can think of these gift cards as gifts for loved ones, BUT don’t forget they can also be used for your regular shopping needs.  If there are cards we don’t have and you’d like to request something, please let Joe, Kristen or Bill know.

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