Advent Service of Comfort and Rest

Advent-Candles“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” says a familiar, upbeat popular song, and for many of us, much of the time, it is. The approaching Christmas season can be a time of joy, excitement, anticipation, hope, dreams and more. But not if you’ve lost a beloved person in recent months. Not if you’re going through a relationship crisis, a struggle with a family member, a big quarrel with a life-long friend. And not if you’re among the growing throng of people working longer for less, working two (or more) jobs to cobble together security, or just not working at all because weeks ago, months ago, maybe a year or more ago, the boss asked you in for “a difficult conversation…”

If your heart is broken this Christmas season, your church cares about it.

We invite you to come to church on December 13th at 7pm for a very special Service of Comfort and Rest. In a peaceful, honest and respectful way, we’ll acknowledge what it is that may be troubling our souls, and through lovely music, ancient scriptures, contemporary witness and gestures of renewal, we’ll redis- cover the hope at the heart of the Christmas season.

Come as you are, and leave assured that in this season of Immanuel, God truly is with you.

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