Advent Worship at Wesley

Advent-CandlesThere’s a special place in our hearts for the carols and poems of the Christmas season – everything from the family favorites we learned as children to the cherished carols we sing on Christmas Eve.  These songs and poems light our way on the road to Bethlehem and bring us close to the miracle of The Nativity.

“Finding Bethlehem: Christmas Poems to Guide our Steps” is the Advent theme we’ll share on November 29, December 6 and December 13 before pausing to celebrate and appreciate our annual Christmas Pageant at worship on December 20.

For November 29, we’ll look at Paul’s very powerful and familiar words of promise from Romans 8 and Thomas Hardy’s wistful, world-weary poem “The Oxen.”

I look forward to seeing you as we trace our way past the thresholds of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace on the way to Finding Bethlehem!

Pastor Bill

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