Lent at Wesley

ashwednesdayLooking for love in all the wrong places. We often look for wholeness and happiness (love) in places that offer only temporary “good feelings” and satisfaction. Lent is a wonderfully reflective time to re-assess where we are looking for meaning, for “redemption”. We’ll move through the scriptures to find out who offers the “real deal.”

March 1st – Ash Wednesday worship at 7pm

Lent begins on “Ash Wednesday” with a journey of self-reflection and discernment. Typically it is a time of thinking about repentance – turning around – to be in right relationship with God – looking to God for love.

March 5th – Anniversary Worship celebration

March 12th – Looking for the Helper – Nicodemus learns that it’s not about “doing the right thing,” but letting God’s love be born in our lives and having faith that the Spirit of God is always present and urging us to choose love.

March 19th – Looking for the Thirst Quencher – The Samaritan woman finds life-giving water.

March 26th – Looking for the Shepherd – Powerful figures cannot “fix” things for us.

April 2nd – Look for the Liberator – As Jesus called to Lazarus, he also calls to us, “Come out!” Walk! Live!

April 9th – Palm Sunday

Watch for more information about Lent and Holy Week. Plan to celebrate Easter with us on April 16th

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