Worship for a new year! (January/February)

Worship in a new year!

The new year always brings opportunity to move beyond our limitations … to find new beginnings and be better than we were before. The most basic transforming experiences of our faith – bread & bath – communion and baptism – are the starting points for life “beyond” our limitations. We focus on moving beyond our limitations to live a bold life of faith and hope in Christ.

“See, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

January 7: Bread and Bath
When we celebrate communion, we remember not only the past, but “into the future”. We begin the year with a commitment to “break open” our lives to God’s future for us. We remember our baptism and affirm the Spirit that lives and moves and breathes through us – offering power and strength beyond what we think we have.

January 14: Beyond Belief
As people found it hard to believe who Jesus was, we go beyond our own beliefs and assumptions about where God shows up. Can we move beyond these to open our eyes to the holy in unexpected places and people?

January 21: Beyond the Horizon
Jesus called the fishermen into new work and life. Where is Jesus calling us that just might be beyond the horizons we now see for ourselves?

January 28: Beyond the Boundaries
Sometimes we are captured by the boundaries of our own making. We can lean on the authority of Jesus in our lives to conquer and be freed to move beyond the limitations we set upon ourselves.

February 4: Beyond the Chaos
When the chaos is just too much, what do we do? Work harder? Worry more? Or can we take a clue from Jesus and get beyond the chaos, if only for a short while to remember that God is with us?

February 11: Beyond the Fear
Do you feel like there are extraordinary things you could do if only you could move beyond the fear?

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