February & March Worship

At the beginning of February, we continue exploring and discovering ways to move beyond our limitations … to find new beginnings and to be better than we were before.

In January, we explored how we can go beyond our beliefs, our horizons, and boundaries. Feb. 4th, we explore going beyond chaos, and on Feb. 11th, going beyond our fears. February also marks the beginning of Lent – the days of preparation leading to Easter. For many of us, Lent has been a time of “giving up” something. Rather than just “giving up” in Lent, this season, we are invited to consider all that Jesus is “up to” and all that he asks us to be “up to” in his name. What pursuits are we up to in our lives that call us to be our best selves, and our best selves as the church?

What R U Up 2?
February 14 – Ash Wednesday – 7 pm worship – “Store Up” the things that bring us closer to God.
February 18 – “Come Up” out of the depths of whatever seeks to keep you down and know that you are loved by God. Now is the time to be fully who you are created to be.
February 25 – “Take Up” the causes of Jesus and stand for the Gospel message of love.
March 4 – “Raise Up” – How might we raise up as the Body of Christ and be a holy dwelling place of God in the world?
March 11 – “Light Up” the world through our lives so that the world might see the hope it yearns for.
March 18 – “Lift Up” – To be lifted up is to be drawn into the love of God. What uplifting message will we pass on to others?
March 25 – Palm Sunday – Rev. Garvin Warden will be our guest preacher.

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