Advent Worship

The weeks leading up to Christmas are a time to journey together with the whole family of God – those sitting next to us and those who are in our hearts and minds. Journeys begin with a choice. Shall I go or not? Shall I stay and embrace the known and the comfortable, or shall I go and maybe find something wonderful, or maybe be unsettled, upset, or uncertain?

Inevitably on a journey, it won’t be long before someone asks, “Are we there yet?” This season, let that question not be a whine from an uncomfortable back seat or an impatient traveler. Let it be a plea for God to break into our reality and bring us the glorious fulfillment of the promise; let it be a hope that God remains in charge, despite the trouble we see in the landscape through which we travel. Let it be a call to work and worship in this season of light.

Dec 1 – Are We There Yet?   Peace

Dec 8 – Are We There Yet?  Hope

Dec 15 – Are We There Yet?  Joy

Dec 22 – Are We There Yet?  Trust

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve: Are We There Yet?  Love

Dec. 29 – So Now What?

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