Taking Up Missions for Lent

Often during Lent, people “give up” something for Lent. This year, you are invited to “take up” the mission of our church, “A Christian Community making the difference by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.” There are many ways that we can do this, but here is a simple way to keep the mission in the front of your mind and help make it happen.

You are invited to do two things:

1. Find a simple way to share the love of Christ during the day. Remember that this takes many forms. You can do this by listening to someone, helping another person to feel special, sharing love with your child or grandchild by reading a story, giving a hug, playing a game, being nice to a stranger. . . .  The possibilities are endless.

2. Each  day put a nickel, dime, quarter or your pocket change in a bag to be used to help support the mission program of our church here and around the world. We have cloth bags for this purpose in the narthex at church. Pick on up or use something at home (even a paper bag or plastic sandwich bag). Please bring your bag with you to worship on Easter Sunday. (Be sure to put your name on or in it if you wish to have the financial secretary record this as part of your contribution to the church.)

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