Welcome Back Breakfast

Wesley celebrates a new year of Sunday School with our Welcome Back Breakfast and Sunday School Registration.

Sunday, September 17 at 9 am
Worship at 10 am


Please come and join us for a wonderful
time of fellowship and catching up!


Sunday school will begin September 24th

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September Worship

September Worship ~ Come to the Table
In this “Come to the Table” series, we hear the call to dine with Jesus – an invitation that means much more than a simple eating experience. It never was with Jesus. The table was the place where he not only fed people, but challenged them to acts of hospitality that reflect God’s way. When we say “yes” to the place at Christ’s table, we accept a way of life that embraces God’s definition of love, peace, grace and joy.

9/3/17 ~ Come to the Table (Worship at 9:30am)
Jesus was clear that the table is open to all – saints, sinners, strangers, the joyful, and those who weep.

9/10/17 ~ The Table of Love (Fall Worship schedule resumes at 10:00am)
Jesus chose time and again to seek out the intention of one’s heart – to gather together and engage in conversation as a way of moving toward right relationship.

9/17/17 ~ The Table of Peace
We welcome each other at the table even when we disagree. Coming to table of peacemaking is hard work. Forgiveness is on the menu at God’s table and we are called to sit down and find merciful ways to deal with one another despite our differences.

9/24/17 ~ The Table of Grace
God’s table is one of plenty. God gives more than we can ever imagine; more grace than we expect. At God’s pot-luck of grace, even the last in line have more than enough to eat!

10/1/17 ~ The Table of Joy – World Communion Sunday
We celebrate our common communion table with people all over the world.

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Food Pantry Donations & Volunteers

The food pantry will be opening for the fall, beginning on Thursday, September 14th. If you’d like to donate items, please place them in the food pantry bin in the narthex.
If you are interested in helping with deliveries at the food pantry, please contact our church office for more info. Deliveries are on Wednesday mornings and you should be able to lift 50lbs without strain.

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Blessing of the Animals

October 1st – 1pm

We will have our annual Blessing of the Animals service the first Sunday of October. Our pets are important members of our families and a cherished part of God’s creation. Bring your pets of all sizes and species!

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Wesley Bowl-A-Rama

Back by popular demand, the Wesley Bowl-A-Rama Family Event and Auction will be held at BreakTime Bowl in Pawtucket on Sunday, September 17, 2017 from 3-6pm.
Elevators have been installed!

Part of the purpose of the event is to raise funds to support Wesley UMC and its many
programs, so there will be an auction as part of the fun.

If you have any auction items to donate, or ideas on the kinds of items that would be attractive, please get in touch with
Deborah Obalil.

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August Worship

August can be a time of vacation – and that is partly true for Pastor Beverly as well.
The first two weeks of August, we will look at ways that we are stretched by
encounters with Jesus.

August 6th ~ Curing and Feeding as Acts of Compassion
August 13th ~ Walking on Water – Stepping out in faith

During the last two weeks of August, we are gifted with
preaching from two of our lay servants.

August 20th: Susan Newbury
August 27th: Lynne Lamarre

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July Worship

July Worship ~ The Prayer of Jesus
“Pray then in this way: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…” Matthew 6:9 We are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer and pray it frequently, but do we pay attention to what we are praying? Each week during the five weeks of July, we will focus on a particular part of the prayer, and examine how it calls us into relation with God and with each other.
Please remember that if you are not able to be in worship on a particular Sunday, the sermon for that day will be posted on our church website at the beginning of the week.

July 2: Abba, Father.
Abba is the name for God that Jesus used in teaching the disciples to pray. This intimate term – referring to God as family – was radical in Jesus’ day. How we
address God in prayer is a way of defining our
relationship with God and models for us relationship with others.

July 9: On Earth, as it is in Heaven.
We focus on what it means to pray, “Thy Kingdom come” and how our work bringing right relationship in the world can be a daily prayer of action.

July 16: Give Us This Day
Jesus offers us assurance that asking God to act in the world is not a waste of breath. An important part of prayer is petitioning God and naming our needs. We are called to become mindful of the needs of the world and our need to remember that God is the Source of all gifts.

July 23: As We Forgive
God is ready to forgive us, just as we have been made to forgive each other. What holds us back? Right relation-ship involves getting honest with God and with each other.

July 30: Deliver Us
Jesus calls on God to come, to stand with, to offer strength in time of trouble.

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